10 Best Foods in Atlanta for $10 and Under

10 Best Foods in Atlanta for $10 and Under

With publications like Travel Channel and Food Network rolling out articles singing the praises of all the tastiness in Atlanta, it comes at no surprise you can find almost anything you want here. Today’s lineup? Affordably awesome eats 10 bucks and under. “Easy peasy.”

The Varsity Hot Dogs

Varsity will forever and always be iconic in Atlanta. A classic Chili Dog is $2.58, onion ring or fries are $2.20, and a small Frosted Orange is priced at $2.58, all totaling in at $7.36 before tax. Add a chili cheeseburger for $3.40 if you’re extra hungry and willing to tip over the budget. (Its worth it!)

Home grown's Pimento Cheese Sandwich

For the best pimento cheese that has ever touched your taste buds, head to the modest green and white building known as Home grown. A Blue Collar Pimento Cheese Sandwich plate comes with southern cornbread, a drink and your choice of a side, for just 10 bucks. Since the meal is already kind of hearty, the Jalapeño Cole Slaw balances beautifully. But hey, you could go all in and the flakey, juicy fried green tomatoes.

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich

You can get a taste of what may arguably be the best barbecue in Georgia at Fox Bros., for only 10 dollars. Classic smoked pork atop an artisan brioche bun is complimented with chips and a pickle—the meat here is tender, with crispy bits on the edges, and hues of rich pink from the smoking process. That’s how southern Barbecue is done.

Holeman & Finch Brat

Primarily known for their juicy double stack burgers, you can eat at the slightly upscale pub for $10 or less. Being true public house fare, the Pork Bratwurst is bursting with flavor while being topped with an earthy mustard and tangy cabbage—the dish is too often over looked.

Paschal’s Fried Chicken Sandwich

Located in the Historic Castleberry Hill Neighborhood, Paschal’s was highly notable as a meeting hub during the Civil Rights Movement. Today, the famed chicken recipe from the 1940s stands to be one of the best in Georgia. Home cooked greens, catfish and other Deep South dishes are spot on. During lunch, a sandwich topped with crispy chicken breast is only 10 dollars.

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