Every Dish Tells You a Story

Every dish tells you a story. A story about its origin, a tale about its culture, and tradition that

perfected it over time. The Soul Food, has it all. It is NOT like your regular meal, it is much more

than that. The word "Soul", was used to describe African American Culture in the old days, the

same word which is now referred to as the very essence of life. Soul food is like a reflection of

our past, a symphony of our struggles, and a lesson for our future.

If you are a foodie, traveling around the world, this ethnic cuisine must be at the top of your list.

Because it will not only taste delicious in your mouth but will also give you a glance at the

tradition that is being passed down for generations. And by the time you finish your very first

Soul-cuisine meal, it would have already touched you from deep within and told you a story

about its heritage.

It is almost ironic how something so tragic can give birth to something so great. Everyone

cherishes their gastronomy because it is like a language that transcends word-limits and taps

into the reservoir of deeply rooted emotions in the others. The very first bite of Soul food gives

you that feeling of nostalgia when flavors start to mingle and you begin thinking about the past.

A rich amount of history is condensed within this exquisite, American Southern cooking.

This is a culinary style that brings its ingredients from all over the world and was developed

when resources were limited and restricted. It takes a lot of time and skills to cook the meals in

this cuisine and you can always expect something marvelous coming out of the kitchen.