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Shuntina 3 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

Food is absolutely amazing it's cooked just right, good selection of sides to choose from a big space to eat and enjoy with excellent customer service

Tstevens219 7 days ago

Paschal's Shrimp & Creamy Grits

I absolutely love shrimp and grits. Because Paschal's does them so well it's the only thing I order when I visit. The grits are the right creamy, cheesy consistency and the coulis with sausage and bacon has the right amount of kick to it to compliment the shrimp & grits.

Shatika23 8 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

Pascal is always my go to for good southern food and a great vibe. The atmosphere is awesome. It gives you a sense of the Georgia culture. The service is fast! Every chance I get to celebrate a moment in life pascal is always on my list. Who can beat the valet service?! I always feel special that someone can pull my car into a spot instead of driving all around town. Lastly the staff always seems happy about the job their doing.

Stoddard 9 days ago

Candied Yams

Not a main item, but I'm huge on sides and the candied yams here are amazing. Reminds me of my grandmas cooking. Give this place an overall 4/4 stars.

Themarantfamily 18 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

Paschal's is one of my favorite Atlanta stops, especially when traveling for work, which I do frequently. At Hartsfield, I make a b-line to terminal B for the consistently, delicious Mac and cheese, collard greens, and yams! The fried chicken is delectable! Eat at Paschal's for southern, soul food that tastes like your grandma's kitchen! K. Marant

Eberhartroberta4 22 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

My church held their Christmas Party at the Northside location. We had the best food and servers. I will be attending this wonderful place again.

Peeplese2005 27 days ago

Paschal's Seafood Trio

I enjoy seafood and I'm quite picky. Being ex military affiliated, I've traveled extensively and have had the opportunity to experience many fine restaurants, but this restaurant definitely ranks up top. It is quite rare that I've visited a restaurant whereas everything on my plate is at least good if not superb. The salmon was simply awesome and the other three people in my party were all praising the food and environment of this establishment. Zach was our waiter and he did not disappoint us; his customer service matched the food and we all know that poor customer could ruin any experience! The valet attendants were also courteous and professional. I could go on and on and I can hardly wait to visit again so that other family members from Savannah can also experience this place; it was sooo good! 👏🏼

Aka4awms 27 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

I have seen Paschal's for years in thr ATL airport but never tried it. Today, I was here for a birthday luncheon! My goodness - fried chicken, ham, fish, collards, yams, mac n cheese, salad and oh my goodness peach cobbler!!!! EVERYTHING was absolutely DELISH!!! I'm trying to purchase a pan of cobbler to take back to house for everyone to taste. Paschal's is now on my list of fav ATL restaurants.

Pam about 1 month ago

Paschal's award winning peach cobbler

Better than Granny's and Aunt Ethel's together! The very best cobbler you will ever eat is right at Pascal's.

Jmcghee1977 about 2 months ago

Paschal's Fried Chicken

Amazing! Every dish we tried on the brunch buffet blessed my husband and I souls. The food was well seasoned and served hot. The desserts were yummy and well prepared. The mimosas were flavorful and refreshing. I highly recommend the brunch buffet and will be visiting again as we live 2 hours south.

Terri about 2 months ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

Best Fried Chicken ever! Flavors are on point and just a must try.

Deshandaw about 2 months ago

Omelet Station

My partner and I are We're here as part of A travel tour and ate at the omelet station and the all you can eat buffet. Everything was amazing and the service, impeccable. It was during NYE weekend, we are from Milwaukee so this place really welcomed us with great soul food and history. We felt at home, so much we were turned on to eating omelets more because it was so good!

Mokinoh about 2 months ago

Macaroni & Cheese

I loved the consistency of the mac & cheese. It wasn't too soft & wasn't too firm. Nice and golden brown on top, but not burnt. Very tasty! Went back for a second helping. Hats off to the chef!

Pete15112 about 2 months ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

chicken was very good,also had some bread pudding that was delicious.service was excellent

Saporiawilson about 2 months ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

I wish I could give this place 6 stars or more! I love it here! Customer service is always good and the chicken is the best! I always say I'm going to try something else, but I can't resist the fried chicken, Mac and cheese,l and cabbage. I always purchase a 3rd side which is the yams! If you are thinking about this place, book a table on and you won't be disappointed!

Blaz388 about 2 months ago

Paschal's Famous 1947 Fried Chicken

Omg !! This dish is my favorite out of any of them ! The chicken is fried to perfection and crispy ! Fried just right !!! And the seasoning ...... OMMMMMGGGGG!!! Just a mouth watering dish that keeps me coming back for more ! Keep up the great work !

Ashleyc 2 months ago

Lemon Herb Roasted Chicken

This chicken is EVERYTHING!! Crispy outside, juicy inside!!! Seasoned to absolute PERFECTION!! I loved this dish and I highly recommend it!

Faithandshomari26 2 months ago

Catfish Fillet

The food is always awesome & mouthwatering the restaurant is beautiful and the atmosphere is so relaxing . Whenever i get a chance to go i am never disappointed . I absolutely am in love 😍

Dejaneke 2 months ago

Voodoo Fried Shrimp

Sooooo Delicious!!!

Yoskinomura 3 months ago

Paschal's Black Bean Burger

I'm vegetarian so I was hesitant going to a meat centric restaurant but they did a beautiful job with their version of the black bean burger that left me satisfied with delicious flavors!

Jasmyne 6 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

An amazing experience with even better food and drinks. Great city location and the staff was extremely pleasant! You'll enjoy!

Anya 7 days ago

Lemon Herb Tilapia

Enjoyed the Brunch Buffet. First time . Will be back.

Teebmore 9 days ago

Catch of the Day

Best fish dinner I have had in a long time. Coming home from Guatemala, I needed a good home cooked style meal and Paschal's did not disappoint! Thank you! Theresa B.

Court 15 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

I got the catfish fingers for an appetizer and for my entree I got the fried chicken dinner, with macaroni and greens. 3 words...SOOOOOO FREAKING GOOD! If you're looking for a good meal to make you feel like you're eating Sunday dinner at granny's house I definitely recommend eating here. The fried chicken was juicy and tender and the sides were on point. The catfish fingers were so good that even a non-fish lover would love them. The food was perfect, the service was great...I honestly have no complaints.

Kcgddesigns 19 days ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

My servers was great she made great suggestions on the menu. My Chicken dinner was delicious and all my sides was yummy.

Attallaha613 24 days ago

Paschal's Seafood Pasta Bowl

love it

Tgreen86 27 days ago

Paschal's Seafood Pasta Bowl

Food was delicious. Server, Zach was good. General Manager Ron was SO nice and personable when making his rounds to talk to restaurant guests.

Still8629 28 days ago

Collards w/ ham shanks


Book about 1 month ago

Creamy Cheese Grits

I grew up on grits so I am a self proclaimed grits connoisseur and these grits were phenomenal, just like grandma use to make. Exploding with flavor, along with the rigorous attentiveness of the staff made this an exceptional first time experience.

Chuchgrl about 2 months ago

Collards w/ ham shanks

The food was so goood! We will certainly be back again soon! Best chicken and Sunday brunch!

Sandela100 about 2 months ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

The food was delicious. The place was esthetically pleasing. I was impressed with the entire menu. I will most definitely be back and I will tell others. Thank you!

Aclark1635 about 2 months ago

Omelet Station

When I tell you I never had an omelette until my visit changed my view on them for the rest of my life!!! The cook was so professional and helpful. Everything was delicious and the staff was very friendly and fast. That was 2 years ago. I plan to visit again for my birthday on New Years Day, and I'm flying out Sunday morning just to make it to Paschals for the brunch. Definitely deserves 5 stars ⭐️.

Ebbyne about 2 months ago

Candied Yams

The food and service at pascals was amazing! The candied yams and fried chicken was spectacular and I would definitely order again. We are coming back soon! Would highly recommend.

Mlpeter77 about 2 months ago

Savory Shrimp & Vegetable Sauté

My food was delightful! I wanted something new and light. The Savory Shrimp & Vegetable was light and filling. I would definitely recommend this dish!

Shelenawalden about 2 months ago

Catfish & Shrimp Etouffee

Oh my word this was absolutely amazing. I'm a foodie and not easily impressed so when I say it was delectable I mean it. I really love etouffee but wasn't sure how it would taste with the catfish. I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks Paschal's I will definitely be back!

Mccounlyapril about 2 months ago

1947 Old Fashion Fried Chicken

The food is everything you want it to be! The chicken is season to perfection. The Mac and cheese, collards, candied yams and potato salad is the best I have eaten!

Dejaneke 2 months ago

Fire Grilled Salmon


Solomon 2 months ago

Paschal's award winning peach cobbler

I'm a novice when it comes to peach cobbler but words don't do justice to this dessert. My mom made it, several restaurants make it and there's plenty of in-home chefs that have tried and fallen short. It's the type of dish you're tempted to order first. You won't be disappointed! Love it!

Cubanagirl5 2 months ago

Catfish & Shrimp Etouffee

Our party of 10 dined here on Sunday 11/3/19; we ordered a variety of wonderful dishes and shared many of them as it was our 1st visit. Our service, our waiter, and all of our food selections were absolutely excellent and my 87 year old Mom's martini was perfect. We can't wait to dine here again and plan to celebrate Thanksgiving and Mom's 88th birthday here (it's the same day). Food, service and atmosphere were awesome.

Petuniaannemarie 3 months ago

Paschal's Seafood Trio

It was an amazing meal, absolutely delicious honestly I would order it everyday if I could. This place has a beautiful atmosphere and you feel so classy just being in the space. I will be back over and over again.


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